Who Are We?

We are a client focused consulting service, with a combined set of tools (the Value Engineering Methodology and Structured Innovation/Creativity), to help our clients generate superior, cost effective solutions. 

The techniques used are applicable to any industry, and any problem requiring inventive solutions, ranging from technical, to manufacturing, to business processes/ business communications, and intellectual property enhancement.

Our Values

Mission Statement

To help our clients creatively resolve problems which have defied solution through typical problem solving approaches.  We are focused on assisting our customers to make/save money, while resolving complex issues, and leverage their creative, problem-solving capabilities.


Value Innovation, LLC provides first-class guidance to various organizations and companies.  Our methodology integrates the techniques of Value Engineering and Structured Innovation/Creativity-on-Demand (based on the TRIZ methodology).  Combining these complementary, function-based tools, results in valuable solutions for our clients.

With a focus on cost savings, greater idea generation, and maximizing value, we recognize and resolve the inherent contradictions of identifying, leveraging and overcoming resistance to implementing high impact solutions.  We offer a combination of analysis, training, mentoring and consulting.  We provide leadership training and tools to promote a culture of Value and Innovation.