Services & Products

Value Innovation, LLC provides a variety of services to businesses and governmental entities including workshop facilitation (Value Engineering and Creative Problem Solving workshops); Creative Problem Solving training, to groups and individuals; and consulting services in many aspects of business efficiency improvement.

Integration of our technologies with "soft sciences" and organizational cultures create a robust set of new challenges for our clients (A Different Way of Thinking).  As such, we routinely provide leadership training and consulting to share our human process knowledge with top level change agents.

Service & Product Description

Workshop facilitation involves:
o    introduction to the basic principles and concepts;
o    properly defining and framing the targeted problem(s);
o    identifying the client's desired outcomes and "ideal" final results;
o    guidance in generating / evaluating ideas and workable concept solutions; while
o    leveraging existing resources for efficient implementation of potential solutions.

Training provides:
o    In-depth, personalized instruction (1-on-1 or group settings)
o    Hands-on application of the Value Innovation tools
o    Real-world sample problem solving
o    Basic skills to lead future problem solving sessions.  

Mentoring of students who have completed training in the basics is encouraged in order to increase the probability of skills retention and demonstration/verification of the student's proficiency.  Mentoring contributes to building the student's confidence in addressing problems of higher-level complexity.

Value Innovation Consulting offers coaching in group facilitation and leadership development in nearly every aspect of the corporate/organizational system.  A partial list of consulting applications would include: sales & marketing; human resources; products and services; manufacturing; engineering design and cost analysis; cost reductions; and inventive problem solving.